Peace Keeper & Nonviolence Training

Post-event update:

Thank all the trainees for attending! The training went very well, and AFSC is thankful to Paki Wieland and Peggy Anderson for their superb training (and their Saturday morning and afternoon).

If you are interested in attending the NEXT Nonviolence/Peace Keeper training, please email us at!

More pictures from the training here

Peace Keeper and Nonviolence Training

Saturday, March 13, 2010
10am – 4pm
Register by emailing or calling (413) 584-8975

AFSC is hosting a (FREE) nonviolence training for folks who wish to be involved in Peace Keeping at events, or who just want to sharpen skills as an activist. After completing the training you will be eligible to be added to the list of Peacekeepers for future actions and events in the area.

This is a call for more. Peace Keepers and people trained in nonviolence to help with big and little protests and demonstrations in the Valley and elsewhere in the coming months. There is a need to encourage more people to take part in demonstrations for peace and social justice. Bigger rallies mean a need for more mindful participation as we all grow more frustrated and angry with our national and world situation. To help us all protest wisely and safely, come learn and share some useful techniques with facilitators Paki Wieland and Peggy Anderson. WE NEED YOU!

Nonviolence training will help expand and deepen your commitment to social change and will give you some tools to help you and others in our protest. Nonviolence training builds community and helps give you the strength to keep on keepin’ on!