Declaration Radio

“The Declaration” is the official radio show of the American Friends Service Committee of Western Massachusetts. It is broadcast on the first Thursday of every month from 8-9pm on Valley Free Radio, WXOJ-LP 103.3FM. The podcast of each show is subsequently uploaded here!

  • March, 2014: We had a full agenda this month, and Jeff ran the boards again with the help of Ella and Jack. We start with an interview with Joe Mirkin, on the Justice for Ayyub Campaign. Next we hear excerpts from last week’s Jobs Not Jails press conference in Springfield MA. AFSC is part of the Jobs Not Jails coalition – you can check out the campaign and sign the petition here. We heard from Donnelle Wright of EPOCA, Rev Talbert Swan of the Greater Springfield NAACP, and Rocky Thompson of the Local 108 Carpenter’s Union in support of the campaign. Lastly, we meet Alli Langley, a new member of the AFSC office! A recent Smith College graduate, Alli is working on the 9-month Social Justice Academy project – with the goal of creating workshops to provide political education and social movement history to new generations of college students in the Valley. Jeff gives a shout out for the long-time activist Paki Wieland – currently in Cairo with Code Pink, working to open the Rafah Border to get aid to Gaza.

  • February, 2014: Running the board solo, Jeff covered the several upcoming AFSC events, as well as gave an update on the latest political news of the day. Included is an update on the resolution of the exclusion of AFSC from Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School; a reading of a recent article about “How Anti-violence Activism Taught Me to Become a Prison Abolitionist” by Beth Richie; the Jobs Not Jails campaign that’s ramping up in the state; a clip of a reading by Tyler Boudreau at the recent event with Ann Jones; and the issue of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, “Fast Track”, the rally in front of Rep. Neal’s office.

  • November, 2013: This month we start the show off with a talk from Kimberle Crenshaw addressing the voters rights ruling and a “Post Racial United States”. We then phone in Steve O’Neil to talk about the Jobs not Jails campaign. We conclude the show with an excerpt from a talk Malalai Joya gave at food for thought in Amherst. Malalai Joya is an Afghan women and leading anti war activist.

  • October, 2013: We start off the show with a recording of Frances Crowe, lifelong activist and founder of the American Friends Service Committee Western Mass, discussing her responses to the atomic bombs, and anti-war work with her husband. The clip was a portion of Hiroshima Remembrance Day, an annual event this year held on August 7, 2013 at Smith College. Anna Gyorgy – anti-nuclear activist and author of “NO NUKES: Everyone’s Guide to Nuclear Power, speaks next, discussing her work in response to the Hiroshima and Nagosaki bombings, the Fukushima muclear plant, and the current “public security” measures undertaken by the US government. We then hear former ACLU lawyer Buz Eisenberg discussing the prison camps in Guantanamo Bay at the Northampton Friends Meeting on August 13, 2013. Currently a professor of Constitutional Law and Criminal Justice at Greenfield Community College, Einsenberg has represented seven men, including two still at Guantanamo. He discusses the prisoners’ current hunger strike against their continued detention and inhumane treatment. We finish up the show with two clips of an interview with environmental activist John Berkowitz, who discusses the current state of the Keystone Pipeline. He describes the organizing he’s been doing against the Pipeline, particularly in Western Massachusetts demonstrations against Toronto Dominion Bank – a major supporter of the Pipeline. He hopes to bring more awareness to the issue through upcoming civil disobedience and voluntary arrests.

  • September, 2013: We had with us in the studio Lorena Nañez, AFSC intern and producer of the Testimonio Project, to talk about her work on the film. Halfway through the show, we hear former AFSC intern Anne Watanabe reading from Andrea Smith’s essay, The Problem with ‘Privilege’. Finally, we are joined by Emerson College professor, Yasser Munif, to discuss the issue of the Syrian conflict, as well as the proposed strike being pushed by the Obama Administration.

  • March 7, 2013: We start the broadcast off with announcements about International Women’s Day! And then we hear a bit from Chiho Kaneko, a friend from Vermont who was born and recently traveled to Fukushima. After a clip about Ms. Kaneko’s experiences in the aftermath of the nuclear disaster, we turn to Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald was brought to Hampshire College in conjunction with AFSC on March 5, and we play several clips from him about drones, the Obama presidency, gun control, and more.

  • January 3, 2013: Our first show! We discussed the fiscal cliff (going over it, what was it, what lies head); the upcoming MLK Day; the Help Increase the Peace Program (HIPP); and Medea Benjamin’s upcoming appearance in the Pioneer Valley. Featuring an interview with Executive Director Jo Comerford of the National Priorities Project. Hosted by Jeff Napolitano, and co-hosted by Paki Wieland and Marianna Ballou.