Civil Disobedience Training

gandhi-cdPaki Wieland, Molly Hale, and Jeff Napolitano hosted a civil disobedience training on March 29, from 10am to 3pm, at Campus Center 205 at Smith College in Northampton. The training was for newcomers and a refresher for experienced activists. It featured roleplaying geared towardsthe Tar Sands/XL Pipeline protests.

Nonviolence is the constant awareness of the dignity and humanity of oneself and others. It seeks truth and justice. It renounces violence both in method and in attitude. It is a courageous acceptance of active love and goodwill as the instrument with which to overcome evil and transform both oneself and others. It is the willingness to undergo suffering, rather than inflict it. It excludes retaliation and flight.
– Wally Nelson




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