Kathy Kelly and Milan Rai to discuss Iraq, Ukraine

Kathy Kelly and Milan RaiKathy Kelly and Milan Rai, two world-traveled activists, came to Northampton on Thursday, June 19 to talk about their experiences in Iraq and the state of a world in turmoil, including the situation in Ukraine. Kelly and Rai have been participating in non-violent protest and resistances for decades, and will share their thoughts and strategies in going forward in a violent world. They will be speaking at the Northampton Friends Meetinghouse at 7pm (43 Center Street) on Thursday.

Both Kelly and Rai were members of Voices from the Wilderness, an organization that was threatened with fines and jail times in the U.S. because of its work to deliver medicine and toys to the children of Iraq. Kelly has visited Iraq more than two dozen times, including during periods of U.S. combat in the country.

Kathy Kelly is the co-coordinator for Voices for Creative Non-Violence, an initiative to stop US military involvement abroad. Kelly is a war tax resister, and has spent time in federal prison for her acts of civil disobedience, including planting corn on nuclear missile silo sites. She has recently become involved in understanding, educating, and protesting drone use by the US and other military powers.

Milan Rai is a British peace activist and journalist arrested in 2005 next to a London war memorial where he and fellow protester Maya Evans read the names of civilians killed in the Iraq war. Rai is the co-editor for Peace News, co-coordinator for the pro-peace group Justice Not Vengeance, and has been involved with numerous other anti-nuclear and peace campaigns.