Support AFSC on #GivingTuesday!

Giving Tuesday 2015AFSC started in 1968 in Frances Crowe’s basement, with her tireless efforts at draft counseling, and expanded as a fixture and hub of activism, from anti-nuclear campaigns to Latin American solidarity movements in the 80s, to the youth non-violent campaign “Help Increase the Peace Project” and the incredible work of Jo Comerford during the “War on Terror” after 9/11. That tradition of work continues today – and could use your support.
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Right now, AFSC is working on its second edition of our first-of-a-kind report on military recruitment in public high schools; on a 4-county Listening Project; on a campaign to welcome Syrian refugees and reject the racist and xenophobic politics that comes with that; bringing folks like retired diplomat and activist Ann Wright and Medea Benjamin to town; helping to provide logistics for the big climate change rally that happened Sunday night; and so much more.

Please – give through the Razoo (the host donation site) and then pass this message to others!