Rally and Protest to close Guantanamo


Please enjoy the recording of this event, which was held Sunday, January 10th at 3pm.

Lyman Hall, First Churches
Corner of Center and Main Streets, Northampton

President Obama’s last year to close Guantánamo is about to begin.  His successor may keep or even expand the prison.  Of the 107 men remaining, it is long past time for the 48 cleared men to be freed and for the dozens slated for indefinite detention to have their long-awaited reviews and be cleared or charged and tried for crimes.

Program includes:

  • Songs by Raging Grannies
  • Welcome by Rev. Peter Kakos and brief talk by Guantánamo lawyer Stewart (Buz) Eisenberg about what it means to be held indefinitely without charges, on a suspicion that you may someday commit a crime.  Buz has represented 8 detainees pro-bono.
  • Readings from Guantánamo Diary by Mohamedou Ould Slahi, who remains detained, and how you can help close the prison. Readers include Bob Hawley, Priscilla Lynch, Jenn Meeropol, Bruce Miller, Jeff Napolitano, Attorney Bill Newman (who also has represented a Guantánamo detainee), and Martha Spiegelman.

Organized by Pioneer Valley No More Guantánamos.  Cosponsors include the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, the American Friends Service Committee of Western Mass., Amnesty International-Group 128 (Amherst), the Bill of Rights Defense Committee/ Defending Dissent Foundation, Grace Church Peace Fellowship, the Massachusetts Campaign Against Torture, the Rosenberg Fund for Children, and Western Mass. CODEPINK