Bread and Roses, October 2016: George Lakey, Scandinavian Economics, Refugee crisis


In this month’s installment of Bread and Roses, we have clips of a talk with economist and activist, George Lakey, and his new book “Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians Got It Right and How We Can Too”  Lakey discussed the history of how the Scandinavian countries  created a new, socialized economy to care for its citizens. He also discussed how the Black Lives Matter movement has touched on these issues and how we can take an interdisciplinary approach to many of the country’s biggest issues.  We also have a clip from Deirdre Griffin of Jewish Family Services discussing the process of refugees coming to the US, and some of the issues they face when they arrive.  Please enjoy, and tune in for our next show on Valley Free Radio 103.3 FM on Friday. Nov 11th at 4pm.