Pat*RIOT’s Day Rally

No More War, Give Peace a Chance, Monday April 17th, Pat*Riot's Day Rally, Meet Up at 11 a.m. Bridge St. School, Route 9 Northampton, 12 noon, Anti-war peace "riot" in Pulaski Park, Speak Up and Sing-out against War and Military Spending, more info at: afscwm.orgWe call upon all people of conscience to resist society’s increasing acceptance of war as a normal condition. U.S. militarism is inextricably entwined with global white supremacy and economic injustices. War and increased militarism are responsible for tens of millions of displaced people and refugees, famine and accelerating climate change. The carbon footprint of the Iraq War alone was greater than that of 60% of the world’s nations combined.

We cannot afford to be silent. We protest against the proposed, unprecedented $54 billion increase in military spending. We decry the escalation of wars in the Middle East, risk of nuclear war in North Korea, and acceptance of warfare as an instrument of public policy.

Join our Pat-RIOT’s day march, April 17th 11AM Bridge St School. We will Meet-up at 11:00am. Speak Up and Sing Out in front of First Churches (129 Main Street). 12:00 noon is the Anti-war Peace “Riot”.