Help Increase the Peace Program

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Help Increase Peace Program (HIPP) is a youth-led, interactive transformation program that empowers participants to reduce violence, strengthen cross-cultural understanding, and become agents of social change. HIPP focuses on the issue of bullying  and encourages non-violent for intervening in such situations, whether or not a particular has its roots in prejudice. It builds peer leadership skills and gives HIPP participants the tools and community support to speak out for victims of bullying.

Although HIPP workshops were originally designed for middle and high school participants, they have been successfully adapted for participants of all ages.HIPP workshops have been used in elementary schools, colleges, juvenile detention centers and priso

ns, community youth centers, religious youth groups, and activist and service organization.


HIPP is a project of the American Friends Service Committee started in 1991 in Syracuse, New York. HIPP was founded as a variation of the Alternatives to Violence Project – a program based in correctional facilities around the world. Since its inception, HIPP has extended to more than 30 states, and has graduated hundreds of trainers, working to reduce violence and prejudice in communities and schools.

How it works:

Based on popular education models, HIPP encourages young people to drive their own education, giving them trainings and resources to intervene in situations of discrimination, prejudice, and bullying. Participants learn to respond to conflicts through non-violence, analyze the impact of social injustice on their lives and communities, and develop frameworks for action.

All HIPP workshops are facilitated by fully-trained facilitators, most of whom are youths as well and under age 25. Each session is designed to provide the space and community youth need to develop leadership skills and understanding. Sessions are made up of the following three components:

  1. HIPP Connections are introductory, allowing participants to connect as a group through sharing experiences.
  2. Core Activities are the heart of the HIPP session, inviting deeper discussion of some of the most challenging issues in our society.
  3. HIPP Lifts foster community through creative physical activities.

Training Options:

  • Full training: A two day retreat format with sessions building on each other to increase levels of understanding and analysis. There is the beginner session (“Think HIPP”), Advanced Session (“Be HIPP”), and Train the Trainer (“Make HIPP Happen”).
  • Mini-HIPP:  A half-day retreat and a shorter introduction to HIPP, Mini-HIPP’s give you an idea of what HIPP is and how it can work for your organization.
  • Ongoing Programs: HIPP also provides longer-term programming to schools and organizations looking for a multi-week, semester-long, or annual curriculum.

Our Facilitators

Our facilitators have more than ten year experience with HIPP. They have facilitated HIPP workshops in over six states to such populations as international groups, university through elementary school students, AmeriCorps members, incarcerated youth, faith-based groups, substance abuse treatment facilities, and numerous community organizations.

 To find out more about HIPP trainings or becoming a HIPP trainer, contact us at (413) 584-8975 or email