Safe Communities Act

The Safe Communities Act is a bill currently in the Massachusetts legislature that would protect the civil rights of all Massachusetts residents by prohibiting state support for a Muslim registry and ensuring that local law enforcement does not take part in federal immigration enforcement activities such as raids and detentions based solely on immigration status.

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Municipal Work


Executive Policy Order on Immigration and Law Enforcement in Northampton (August 28, 2014)

Human Rights Commission resolution supporting Northampton’s Sanctuary City status

EasthamptonSafe Campaign

Easthampton “Sanctuary city” mailing list

Past Events

(December 15) Sanctuary: What does it mean for Easthampton?

Amherst Campaign

The Amherst Town Meeting approved the city’s Sanctuary City bylaw on May 8, 2017! The Amherst Sanctuary Committee is now taking charge of how the bylaw will be implemented.

For a summary of the Amherst Sanctuary Bylaw, read the factsheet here. You can also read the full and most recent text of the bylaw. You can stay up-to-date with the latest on the Amherst Sanctuary movement by joining the Facebook group here.

Past Events

(March 4) Defend, Resist, Build. Amherst Sanctuary Community-Wide Meeting

(March 5, Daily Hampshire Gazette) Amherst sanctuary supporters hear from immigrants, plot strategy

(March 21, Daily Hampshire Gazette) Amherst Select Board backs sanctuary initiative

(May 9, MassLive) Amherst Sanctuary Committee to create policies, procedures following Town Meeting vote

Resources on Safe Municipalities

Sanctuary Campuses

  • UMass Lowell Sanctuary Campus Petition – Students at UMass Lowell and other UMass campuses are organizing to demand that all members of the university system become sanctuary campuses. During discussions with students, administration has remained neutral in declaring sanctuary campus status, citing reasons such as the potential loss of federal funding to the UMass system. Despite avoiding declaring UMass campuses as sanctuary campuses, administration is extremely conscious of student sentiment and promises to continue to support and protect all students to the highest reasonable degree.
  • (February 17) Student Strike for Sanctuary – Students at UMass Amherst did not attend class and gathered for teach-ins, community building, speakers, and group work to educate themselves on resisting the continued and intensified oppression immigrants face in the United States. They learned about how to join and strengthen existing direct action networks, how to establish and maintain one on campus, and how to make the university a real sanctuary. They also took the day off from financially supporting UMass.

Sanctuary in the Streets

Sanctuary in the Streets is the rapid response team of Western Massachusetts, a new solidarity network to protect all people of the Pioneer Valley from acts of hate and from deportation. Members of the network will receive emergency emails and texts that notify them of peaceful public actions in response to immediate needs. AFSC is a part of the network, which is organized by the Pioneer Valley Workers Center and will be called upon to bear public witness to active deportations, to hold quick-response public rallies against acts of hate, and to respond to injustice in ways that we cannot yet know. PVWC is working on finalizing plans for a 24-hour Hotline number to receive reports of deportations and acts of hate.

Past Events:

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