Our Work

Peace and Planet 2015

Peace and Planet is a nuclear weapon abolition movement. We’re organizing around the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which focuses on the abolition of nuclear weapons, cutting military spending, and climate change and environmental justice. Our actions range from speaking events, to marches, to the NPT conference and rally in late April.

Join thousands of others to fight for the abolition of nuclear weapons!

Nuclear Free Future Coalition

The Western Mass Coalition for a Nuclear-Free Future (NFF) is a coalition working to eliminate nuclear weapons and nuclear energy in the US. It also educates about ways to incorporate safe, affordable alternative energy into individual and institutional energy use.

Alternatives to Military Service

Alternatives to Military Service (AMS) works as a countering influence to military recruitment in schools. AMS tables at local high schools to inform on risks and dangers of military service and to provide alternatives, such as resources to find college scholarships, and service programs such as Americorps.


Springfield No One Leaves/Nadie Se Mude Campaign

Springfield No One Leaves is a housing justice coalition in Springfield, the city with the highest rate of foreclosures in Massachusetts. No One Leaves mobilizes tenants and former homeowners living in recently or about-to-be foreclosed homes to fight back to protect their communities. The campaign demands that banks accept rent money, stop all no-fault evictions, and sell back homes at real market value or real appraised value. In the wake of the recent tornado in Springfield, No One Leaves has also been advocating for tornado survivors.

Internship Program

During the academic year, 18 interns, mainly college students, work on AFSC programs and projects. Interns gain organizing experience while adding capacity to office programs.