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On January 22, 2015, bulletinThe Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moved the hands of its Doomsday Clock to 3 minutes to midnight, citing the interconnected threats of nuclear weapons and climate change. For 68 years, the Doomsday Clock has conveyed how close we are to destroying our civilization with dangerous technologies of our own making.

The Nuclear Weapon Abolition Movement Pioneer Valley Spring Campaign

We’re organizing around the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which focuses on the abolition of nuclear weapons, cutting military spending, and climate change and environmental justice. Our actions range from speaking events, to marches, to the NPT conference and rally in late April.

Why worry about nuclear weapons?

Nuclear weapons are the worst instruments of mass murder ever created. Because they are indiscriminate and disproportionate in their effects, they violate international law. The ionizing radiation produced at detonation kills people from radiation sickness, while radioactive contamination of the environment causes cancers, chronic diseases, birth defects, and genetic damage. A single nuclear weapon can destroy a city. A nuclear war involving the massive arsenals possessed by the US and Russia could destroy virtually all life on Earth in a nuclear winter. Even a small fraction of the nuclear weapons that exist today can damage the global climate and agricultural production so severely that billions would starve.

How much do nuclear weapons cost our economy?

peaceandplanet“Every dollar spent on nuclear is one less dollar spent on clean renewable energy and one more dollar spent on making the world a comparatively dirtier and a more dangerous place, because nuclear power and nuclear weapons go hand in hand.” – Mark Z. Jacobson

Every hour, taxpayers in the U.S. pay $2.12 million (an hour) for the maintenance, storage, and production of nuclear weapons.

(source: National Priorities Project)

What can you do?

Join the spring campaign!

Sign up to participate in the upcoming NPT conference/rally in NYC April 24-26. Emails will be sent out closer to the date with more details.


  • Elaine Scarry, author of  “Thermonuclear Monarchy,” will be speaking on March 5th at 4:30 at Amherst College, Paino Lecture Hall Beneski. She argues that the power of one leader to destroy millions of people with nuclear weapons deeply violates our constitutional rights, undermines the social contract, and is fundamentally at odds with our democracy.
  • The “14th Annual Walk for a New Spring” goes from March 14th-April 26th, and will be in the Pioneer Valley Area March 14th, assembling at 10am from Amherst Commons and marching to Northampton First Churches. This walk is joining together activists and concerned citizens from around the world to demand honest and forthright dialogue between world leaders about their nuclear weapons. For more information contact Tim Bollock at (413)-485-8469 or
  • Joseph Gerson talks for NPT April 1st, Amherst, time and exact location TBA. Gerson is the Director of AFSC’s Peace and Economic Security’s Program. He is an expert in NATO, Nuclear Disarmament, and Asia Pacific Affairs.
  • The Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Conference will be April 24-26 in New York City. NGO’s across the world are gathering together to urge the 5 original Nuclear States (the U.S, Britain, France, Russia, and the China) to begin talks on a time-bound elimination on nuclear arsenals, talks they agreed to 45 years ago. It will also urge the 4 Nuclear powers outside this treaty (Israel, North Korea, India and Pakistan) to join in to any such negotiations.
  • The NPT rally on April 26 will be a march to the United Nations where states will gather for these discussions. We will be gathering in midtown Manhattan for an international rally and march to the United Nations. On the streets and in front of the U.N., activists from around the world – with 2,000 from Japan, including Hibakusha (survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) – will make our demands for a nuclear-free world, for economic, social, and environmental justice, and an end to military crises and wars.

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